UPWARD GLANCE: The Day After Christmas According to Mary

by Kyle
published December 26, 2012


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Christmas is finally over!

Red bows are disappearing, Christmas trees are being put to the curb and all but that one neighbor has started taking down their lights. After all the time, money and care that goes into preparing for Christmas, we let always let go of it quite easily on December 26.

In fact, though Christmas has started to grow on me in recent years, it remains my chief complaint against the holiday that for all the effort spent on it, Christmas fizzles out very quickly. Enter the question by which I measure all other areas of my life: Is that biblical? I think you know the answer.

My other main complaint about Christmas is this: If the incarnation of God the Son is really that important, isn’t that something we should live out every day of the year rather than just on Christmas?

Luke 2 contains Luke’s account of the Christmas story, and twice, in verses 19 and 51, Luke tells us something important about Mary’s reaction to the events of Christmas. The text says she continued to treasure and ponder the things she had seen. Even as Jesus grew, she continued to remember back on everything from that first Christmas. She remembered the shepherds and the angels. She remembered what they said about her son. “Glory to God in the highest!”

Will you remember? Will Christmas continue to be impactful for you all year? Or did you just waste all that time, money and care?


“But Mary treasured all these things, pondering them in her heart.” - Luke 2:19

What do you think?

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